Watercolor painting of a group of blue clematis with a green background

Folly Original

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 In 1913, for his wife on their golden wedding anniversary, F.W.L. created “The Language of Flowers”, a charming little book cataloguing 700 flowers. In his own writing and illustrations, he ascribed meanings for each kind of flower. It was made in “an era when people found time to express their affection in an individual way,” What did F.W.L. declare the columbine represented? Folly! My original idea for this watercolor was to paint 2 simple blooms. But buds, and their two different kinds of leaves asked to be included, followed by the background, making it a long and jolly Folly.

Original Signed Watercolor is 22 3/4 “ x 11 1/4 “.   Copyright visible on image is not visiable on painting.

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