Banish Boring.
Live in Color.

Let Joy, Beauty, and Fun explode around you through Julie Dawson's Art!

For Julie, art is an ever- expanding adventure of discoveries and inventions! Each day she wakes up with a brain overflowing with new ideas, eager to make them happen.

From Watercolors to Reproductions to Books to Products to Digital Creations to Designs for Home Décor, Clothing and Paper Goods, to videos to lots of stuff in between, she finds it all exciting and fun.

All these subjects require a large website, every inch of which was made by Julie and her assistant, Ronda Lee, so it would truly reflect the depth of her art. She wants you to have fun with her photos and descriptions, and videos. Then add your imagination for ways her work can add a special touch to your and others’ lives.

The Sillybillies Find Stripes and Spots

Winner! next Generation IndIe Book Award for Illustration

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