About Julie

Artist, Designer, Photographer, Author. Illustrator, Speaker – since 1973

“How could I have known?” has been a reoccurring question for me as I have lived my incredible life.  How could I have known: That my very happy childhood in a beautiful family would propel me to an excellent college and international travel with the Girl Scouts?  That in 1958 my career would start with excitement and keep expanding with new challenges, creativity and aha moments? That a blind date with a wonderful man would send us on journeys to jungles, deserts, icebergs, cities, and savannahs in 101 countries seeking answers to “ what makes the world “tick”?

That since 1973 painting, writing, speaking, photographing and designing would explode into a huge world of the Arts for me. That my days would keep expanding with all my “brilliant” (my adjective) ideas. That enriching friendships would bloom in every corner of the world.

How could I have known all this? – That my life would be filled with love, adventure, discovery, creations. And an undying passion for cutting snowflakes, searching for bells, and savoring chocolate! Formulating theories that kitchens should be reserved for other people, each day should contain sillies and giggles, and people should come to dinner for the decorations not the food. That planting flowers provides fleeting beauty while painting flowers makes them timeless, that the best bookends for my days are writing thank yous, and that I should not be ruled by my hair.

So I have learned all these things and so much more - For feeling the depth, the anguish, and permanence of other people’s difficulties, For feeling extreme gratitude for the magnificent life I have lived. For the hope that through my art and writing I can bring joy and beauty and a touch of humor to others.

Watercolors:  Wallow in the textures of Animals, the fragility of flowers, the enchantment of children, and the complexity of Kaleidoscopes of people, organizations, schools, etc. Julie’s extensive intensive travels in 101 countries have invited her to remember them through her paintbrush!

Books: Giggle as you and your youngsters look for bells, stars, and ribbons on each Sillybilly in  whimsical stories of encouragement.  The poetry and illustrations are Julie’s in 4 books discovering The Sillybillies, On the Moon, Going to the Theatre, and Finding a Shadow.

Journey with new eyes in “Seeing the World through the Heart of its Bells”, a coffee table book with 500 photos and stories of bells Julie photographed in 57 countries.  Be surprised by the myriad of uses and locations of bells in every country and culture around the globe.

Clothing and Décor: Choose a unique Julie Dawson Collection product featuring her art.  From neckties and scarves, to t shirts and aprons, from tiles and pillow cases to bodysuits and bibs, from note cards and holiday cards to placemats and pillowcases, plus a plethora of Sillybillies stuff.                                                   

Designs: Unique designs – created digitally from her watercolors making stunning stripes, unusual repeat patterns, and whacky, silly “mable critters”. Custom design rooms, clothes, products for all purposes.

Videos: With the pandemic, came the fun of making videos from her happy world to send out upbeat messages.


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