The Sillybillies on the Moon
The Sillybillies on the Moon
The Sillybillies on the Moon

The Sillybillies on the Moon

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The Sillybillies on the Moon –  written and illustrated by Julie Dawson 

From the moon, the Sillybillies fly down to Becca bringing her a big fat smile. A cheery book whose poem brings the fun of sharing happiness with others through smiles.

Sillybillies! Whimsical Imaginary children! Each has a bell, a star, and a ribbon for kids to find as they read stories of encouragement.

The Sillybillies book series began when Julie discovered her 6 year old cousin, Becca, was diagnosed with Brain Cancer. Julie sent her a Sillybillies print and wrote three books of encouragement for her. In The Sillybillies, Julie wants kids to use their imaginations - drawing and painting. She introduces the imaginary kids;

"I can see them on my paper,
on the ceiling, or the floor.
They're my imaginary friends,
so I always can make more!

And so can you, if you try,
make Sillybillies light
on any wall, on a door,
on any paper white!"

8.5 x 11 inches, 13 pages, ages 3-8 and 21-101.

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