Supercilious Reproduction

Supercilious Reproduction

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The camels the Dawsons rode in the Sahara Desert and on the Opium Trail going from India towards Pakistan were distinctly different. Along with their individual quirks came a universal trait - being supercilious. Peter and Julie's one month 3,000 mile Saharan camping journey from Lome Togo to Tunis, Tunisia was plenty adventurous- and bumpy -in a dated Bedford military truck. When they met some Bedouins in Timbuctou, camels became the mode of transportation for a memorable jaunt to their desert camp, to learn about their simple nomadic life. In India, from their starting point in Jaisalmer on the western end of Rajastan, camels took them into the Thar desert and remote outposts. A special joy for Julie was her camel driver, who, sitting in front of her sang the whole time. His reedy voice combined with the changing sounds of the bells around the camel's neck became a story in her book, Seeing the World through the Heart of its Bells. Our description of all the camels?  Definitely supercilious.

Watercolor Print - Sold unframed.  Signed and numbered. Copyright visible on image is not visible on reproduction.

30 inches by 22 inches