Zebra Stripes Pillow Cover
Zebra Stripes Pillow Cover

Zebra Stripes Pillow Cover

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In their fabulous long weeks watching animals in the African Savannah, Julie and her husband's appreciation for the ever present zebras grew. Zebras have a very complex social life ---greeting each other each morning with nose nuzzles. And a clever way of evading lions when being chased --the strongest zebra will start running away with the herd following. When the leader has everyone moving well, he circles around and takes up the rear where he can be more of a challenge to the lions. The skin on the zebra's rumps fits so well, Julie named the painting from which Julie created the pillow cover design  "Love those Calvin Kleins"

Julie makes coordinating designs for fabric and wallpaper and tile.
This pillow cover will be custom made for you so will take a bit longer to receive.

18”x18” covers are made of a lovely soft velveteen, machine washable, with a zipper closure. 

Pillow Cover only. The Insert is NOT included, but is easily purchased as a regular size.

We chose a small independent Canadian company to print our pillowcases – one at a time! This happy collaboration brings you a truly unique upscale work of art.